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2 books in 1: The Lost Giant And yet The Black, Black Witch has a nice action flow. Capturing Doc in a variety of tense, action-frozen poses is also a delightful nod to the pulp covers that I have been able to see. The Land of Terror All of the original stories of Doc Savage were reprinted in paperback by Bantam Books between the 1960’s to 1990’s, and the series features over hundred books with The Whisker of Hercules marking the last book in the series. Doc Savage: Empire of Doom (The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage Book 20) Book 20 of 18: The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage. White Eyes. Dust of Death The Stone Man Omnibus 9: Birds of Death The Red Spider Pirate Isle Doc Savage by Gary Chaloner for Steve Sherman, Sitesmith Chuck Welch | Supported by Catherine Lavallée-Welch. Many moons ago I had the idea of creating a few mock Doc Savage covers featuring the Man of Bronze in adventures with other iconic horror, fantasy and sci-fi characters. Cold Death Omnibus 11: Three Times a Corpse The Doc Savage series from the 80s by DC was okay, but somebody on editorial had the "bright" idea to move Doc to the present (O'Neill always said it wasn't HIS idea) Taken away from the 1930s (or even WW2) Doc did not really work, and it wasn't until issue 17 or 18 that they started telling stories set back in the 30s (as it was, it was too little too late to avoid cancellation) The Monsters treats us once-again to the delineated realism of that gloriously wrinkled and torn shirt. The Green Death The Evil Gnome Omnibus 5: Once Over Lightly Imagine if they got 100 stories in when the bottom dropped out of the market. The Devil Genghis Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Omnibus 5: I Died Yesterday Tunnel Terror The illustration is mired in the stylized magazine look of the Sunday supplements. Quest of Qui The Sea Magician The Mental Wizard Please send list of all doc savage books ,, I’m trying to collect them. The Awful Egg In November 2018, many Doc Savage fans came together to sponsor pages on the Hidalgo Trading Company. Bob Larkin did fine for most of the rest of the run, but with a shaky consistency. Here is the cover to that first Doc Savage paperback book from Bantam: 2 books in 1: The Screaming Man We’re reprinting it with no editorial changes. See the complete Doc Savage Bantam series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions, and companion titles. Remember him? Doc Savage, bantam - AbeBooks Skip to main content Omnibus 6: The Disappearing Lady Thanks. We’ve just updated the links and added a cover gallery.). They well done and pretty entertaining. Omnibus 8: The Mental Monster Omnibus 11: The Devil is Jones I’d like to recommend the site for Doc Savage books of all kinds… it’s the Advanced Book Exchange and pools hundreds of independent booksellers into one site. The covers slipped a little in illustration quality; the rendering seems fine, and the shiny-metallic look works (he is the Man of Bronze, right? If I was Bantam, I’d be trying to lock up the rights now before the boom hits. Later, as a professional graphic designer, I came to realize the Bantam cover designs of the Doc Savage reprints go beyond the excellent choice of James Bama as the first cover artist. Brand of the Werewolf 2 books in 1: Death Had Yellow Eyes The Midas Man As a bonus: Ron gives his view about why Bama’s covers attracted so many fans to Doc Savage.”, (Editor’s note: In 1997, Ron Hill wrote the following article for the Hidalgo Trading Company. The Terror in the Navy The Thousand-Headed Man appears to have Bama backing off of the sharp, skull-cap-look by trying to make the widow’s peak more plausible. After Bama’s artwork disappeared from the covers, Bantam did the smart thing and didn’t tinker with the design. The Forgotten Realm The Lost Oasis The Fantastic Island Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please let me know the complete address of Cond, Email reply was attempted: By 1967, Bantam was publishing once a month until 1990, when all 181 original stories (plus an unpublished novel, The Red Spider) had run their course. The Haunted Ocean Thanks! 2 books in 1: The Headless Men The Freckled Shark The Lost Oasis has a weird color scheme, with Doc looking like a romantic lead from the 1930s cinema. The Sanctum editions were usually two novels per volume and included original pulp artwork. Red Snow you can buy the used books easily on This artist and designer maintains that it is also, after 30 years, the best-looking series ever published. The works of Lester Dent, James Bama and many other Doc Savage creators have largely inspired Ron Hill for 45 years, to become: a graphic designer, husband, parent, illustrator, cartoonist, painter, scout leader, journalist, educator, author, editor, business owner, and grandparent, and he shares Doc's birthday of November 7. This cover was the one that always had me suspect a ‘ghost-painter’ in the woodshed. Five Fathoms Dead The Purple Dragon Death in Silver Omnibus 13: Up From The Earth’s Center Land of Always-Night Thanks and SEMPER FI ! You can even find old pulps as well. Of course the work of James Bama was the perfect way to go with presenting Doc to a new generation of fans…realistic enough to shore up against the camp of the novels, but striking and exotic (and instantly as recognizable as Superman’s costume) with the dual element of the torn shirt and the severe widow’s peak. Mystery on Happy Bones Omnibus 5: No Light to Die By Can anyone else confirm that these blurbs are all that were removed by Bantam? The Devils Playground Mystery Under the Sea Dale thinks the signature on Werewolf reads MKunstler, for Mort Kunstler. Bequest of Evil “Doc Savage” ™ and the Doc Savage Logo © by Conde Nast. As a cartoonist, illustrator and advertising art director, the Doc Savage book covers have always had a special meaning to me. The Giggling Ghosts Omnibus 6: Fire and Ice The Deadly Dwarf Just look at any other paperback that came out in 1964, such as the Ballantine Tarzans (#23, #24). Omnibus 13: The Derelict of Skull Shoal Fortress of Solitude Bantam was the first published of the pulp-era novel The Red Spider, which had been shelved by Street and Smith. I am a french reader of Doc Savage. the US Amazon site), in the last couple of months I’ve managed to fill all the gaps in my collection including Omnibuses and doubles at “reasonable” prices, despite being UK based, except for the rarest doubles. My suspicions are correct; according to the story, Bama had to wrap up some “artistic commitments” and evidently couldn’t paint all of the above; Dale is virtually certain (and I would agree) that he didn’t paint Meteor, Polar, Werewolf (Dale has a copy of Werewolf that is cropped high enough to show another signature), Oasis and — thankfully –Land of Terror. After these covers (and a couple years off publishing, if memory serves me right) they actually contracted Boris Vallejo to turn out half a dozen; I don’t feel they got their money’s worth. The Red Skull Devil on the Moon Omnibus 13: Terror Wears No Shoes The Pirates Ghost Thanks and SEMPER FI ! Omnibus 1: The All-White Elf Omnibus 12: The Exploding Lake Murder Mirage Contact me for more details. The Hate Genius (Retitled: Violent Night) The Metal Master The Books - Bantam Cover Art - Street & Smith Cover Art - Main Page -; Bantam Books Cover Art. As the stories got shorter, Bantam combined double novels with numbers, and finally Doc Savage Omnibuses with four or five stories without numbers. The Flying Goblin Alex Savage is the father of Patricia Savage. Boris is too brightly pastel on the The Roar Devil, and better with big-busted babes. Escape from Loki (Philip Farmer) He also does commissions, some of which can be seen on this site. I had heard some were short-printed as opposed to being mass-produced by the millions. Your email address will not be published. The Spotted Men Bantam’s Doc Savage series is reportedly the first numbered line of action-hero books. Details about Doc Savage: #69 Mystery on the Snow- Kenneth Robeson- Bantam Books- c.1972 See original listing Doc Savage: #69 Mystery on the Snow- Kenneth Robeson- Bantam Books- c.1972 One has to remember the purpose of the cover has always been the same: to make the shopper plunk down 45 cents (or 95 cents, or seven bucks). He’s the guy who made Doc into the phenomenon that he is…. The Golden Man Prior to filming Pal said "In the last six years the Doc Savage Bantam books, the reprints alone, have sold 11,400,000 copies. Not until years later (today, in fact) Dale Dodson, a fellow artist, brings an article to my attention a Starlog article about James Bama by Will Murray. 2 books in 1: The Shape of Terror ), but why does it seem like Doc is turning away or hiding from each menace (literal or symbolic) and on many of the covers he is actually running away? (Unlike the Bantam reprints.) Birds of Death Omnibus #5 stands up in detail and tension to most of what Bama produced. 2 books in 1: The Talking Devil The Derrick Devil Other format: Paperback ... (Doc Savage (Bantam) # 19)[Annotated] by Kenneth Robeson Kindle $3.35 $ … Fear Cay #84 The Mountain Monster But I would ,like to know where in US I could by the 181 books. The Man Who Shook the Earth The cover is black and reflects the two covers of the original pulps they appeared in. Some of the highlights have to be: The Dust of Death, The Squeaking Goblin, The Giggling Ghosts and The Men Who Smiled No More (that has got to be Monk to the left, with I would guess Ham and Long Tom in the back to the right). Omnibus 1: The Angry Canary Take a look at ebay and see how well Doc is selling now 10 years after the last adventure hit the stands. The Seven Agate Devils Bantam did such a great job presenting Doc to an whole new audience, it’s a wonder they ever stopped and don’t seem interested in producing new work. Bantam was the first published of the pulp-era novel The Red Spider, which had been shelved by Street and Smith. The designers at Bantam do seem to take a few covers to get the look right. The entire design concept surpasses good illustration: it is design that was ahead of its time. All of the original stories were reprinted in paperback form by Bantam Books in the 1960s through 1990s. Try Prime Books Go Search EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. Le migliori offerte per DOC SAVAGE: la minaccia di movimento, Bantam Books #64, Kenneth Robeson (' 71) con inserto sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche … The Secret in the Sky You'll find their information below sponsored posts. The first Doc Savage story appeared in 1933 and the series ran in pulp and later digest format into 1949. Once you’ve entered your credit card info, it retains it and you can just order from different shops as though it was a catalog. We found out a bit more. The rejected The Red Spider manuscript was discovered in 1975 by Will Murray and published during the Bantam Books print run as #95. Omnibus 6: The Awful Dynasty Murder Melody The Dagger in the Sky Author Will Murray produced seven more Doc Savage novels for Bantam Books from Lester Dent's original outlines. I still have all my original Bantams in a complete set, and can read them at any time, but I may start getting the new editions as well. >> Ost [The Magic Island] From the 1997 Hidalgo Trading Archives: “As a professional artist Ron has a excellent eye for what sells books. (Editor’s note: According to Vincent diFate the artist for those two novels was Doug Rosa. Required fields are marked *. Jiu San 2 books in 1: The Ten Ton Snakes To the world at large, Doc Savage is a strange, mysterious figure of … Le migliori offerte per DOC SAVAGE #34 MAD occhi Kenneth Robeson VGF 1st Bantam Books James BAMA sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di … All I need now is Goblins/Secret of the Su. Merchants of Disaster The Roar Devil I don’t know if this cover painting seems consistent enough with the others to say Kunstler painted the other four, but Land of Terror and Lost Oasis seem like the same artist — look at the brush strokes on the volcanic steam and the machine gun flame.

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