NEWS FEB 2020   Press Release    Dr. Wieler joins ICANDO as of Feb 2020.

ICANDO – Online Education and Mentorship

ICANDO: The Clear and Safe Way for Dentists to perform orthodontics in their practice.

ICANDO:  Specialized Orthodontic Training designed especially for the General Dentist.


If you are  thinking about incorporating Orthodontics into your general practice, you are in the right place.
This is the premiere site for Online Orthodontic Education.
We have over 25 hours of video of  DR.R.BRUCE MCFARLANE  teaching the fundamentals of Orthodontics.

Dr.Bruce is available as your personal Mentor, available to you virtually 24/7/365.

Can I do Orthodontics in my practice?    Yes, You CAN…

• Learn Orthodontics to Increase Billings!  • Retain Patients & Grow your Income!

• Learn Online with Dr. R. Bruce McFarlane as your Personal Mentor!  • We will teach you the Formula for Success!

• Now offering Online Mentoring for your Invisalign cases.


• Personalized service.
• Totally virtual: no need to send stone models.
• Advice is consistent, concise, on-target and realistic for that particular case.

NEWS FEB 2020   Press Release